Next Sunday, September 9th, we will hold a solemn service of Deacon Ordination for Iva Snyder during morning worship at 11:00am. Ordination is grounded in Biblical practice and teaching. It is a ceremony of setting apart or commissioning a member of the church to a special place of leadership and service. The high moment of the service is the “laying on of hands” when all church members are called upon to give their blessing and support to the candidate being ordained.

Individuals being ordained are those who have proved themselves as servants of the Lord.  They are selected by the congregation on the basis of their spiritual gifts, exemplary living and commitment to God and to His church to assist the pastor in ministering to the church family.

Crabtree Valley Baptist Church has a long history of ordaining gifted men and women to serve as Deacons.  Through our family ministry plan, each deacon is assigned a specific number of individuals and families within the congregation for whom they are responsible.  Each Deacon is encouraged to maintain contact with their “little flock” and to be available to their assigned families in times of trauma, crisis, sickness or death.  They are also encouraged to acknowledge and celebrate joyful moments in the family such as birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, honors bestowed and other happy times.

Church members are encouraged to contact their Deacon and share both good and bad news so that the Deacon can minister to them in appropriate ways and in partnership with the Pastor. Having an assigned Family Deacon does not take away from the ministry of the Pastor but rather enhances the ministry that both Pastor and Deacon are able to provide.

It has been said that the spiritual level of a congregation never rises above the level of its spiritual leaders. Meaning specifically that both Pastor and Deacons, as spiritual leaders, must set the example for the congregation in terms of commitment to God and to His church.  It also places a very serious responsibility upon the congregation to not only select, call and ordain qualified, committed and proven leaders but also to hold them responsible for the high office to which they have been ordained by the church.

Make it a priority to be present this Sunday for the Ordination of Iva Snyder. The Ordination Service is like none other. Don’t miss it.

In His Love, Charles