From the Pastor’s Heart…

I think it is safe to say that most of us, if not all of us, live by calendars. Whether it is the calendar on the wall, or the calendars on our phones, we have gotten to a point where we need to make sure we know what is coming up in our day. Doctor’s appointments, scheduled meetings, work days, school events and vacations all get put on the calendar so everyone will know what is coming up. I    wonder what we would put on the calendar if we knew it was the last week of our life? How would things change for us?

Yesterday began the last week of Jesus’ life on earth. It is known in the Christian circle as Holy Week. It was a very special time in the life of Christ and the disciples. There must have been a lot of “to do” lists running through the mind of Christ as He thought about what was ahead for them. The years of teaching and leading were coming to an end. The time was coming when these men, these rough, calloused men, would be taking over the ministry. They would now have to go out and share the love and teachings of Christ. Teachings they had been shown and taught. Christ had always been with them, but in a few days He would be gone. He knew that, they did not. There was a lot to do in the final week of training.

As I think about this week in my life, there is a lot to do. There are services to plan and prepare. There are devotions that need to be written. There are memorial services at my hospice job that need to be organized. There are things at home that need to be taken care of during spring break. Plus, I need to make sure I give my family the time with me they deserve. Each and every day seems like it carries a lot of things to do. If I am not careful, the things I need to do will get in the way of my focusing on this important week in the life of my Savior. I need to make sure I can focus on each day. I need to make sure I don’t look too far ahead. However, that is hard because I base my days upon calendars.

How about you? What does your week look like? How busy are you going to be during this Holy Week? Are you going to be able to focus on each day and what it brings? Are you going to allow the importance of this Easter season to truly sit in your heart? Think about what happens this week in Jesus’ life. It was not an ordinary week. During this week, His life, and our life changed. He gave up His life so we can have new life. I encourage you to enjoy the week. Enjoy each and every day. Do the things you want and need to do. However, allow yourself to think about the importance of Holy Week.

Until next week… Peace and Blessing…  Johnny

From the Pastor’s Heart…