Little Church, Big Heart

You have been hearing me say for some time now that “We are a little church with a big heart”.  I sincerely believe that. Being small doesn’t mean that we are helpless. Being small does not mean that we are insignificant; being small doesn’t mean that we can’t take on big projects. That fact was proven when we followed God’s leadership in surrendering our Youth House to be used as a Welcome House for refugees.  Remember the more that $7000 dollars that was generously given in a love offering to two members of our church who lost everything in an apartment fire. And how about the hygiene project where we provided over 100 hygiene kits to be used by Church World Services for victims of hurricanes. And how about the strong financial support that we gave to Cheryl and Andy on their recent mission trip to Guatemala.

The hill that we are now climbing to grow the church may seem steep but it is not impossible. In some ways we are like the little engine that could. Small things are important to God: a baby in a manger, a hair on the head that is numbered, His eye on the sparrow. Jesus spoke of the mustard seed, the widow’s mite, a cup of water, a small boy’s lunch of bread and fish, a small coin in the fish’s mouth. And don’t forget that Jesus went home with a small man named Zacchaeus.

A small church is not an insignificant church. A small church has the same mission challenge of a large church to “go and make disciples of all nations,” to encourage one another, to pray, worship God, and reach people for Jesus Christ.  A small church has  advantages over a larger church – people don’t get lost in the crowd, everyone knows everyone by name, needs are more readily recognized and met, relationships are deeper and more personal, there is a more relaxed and informal atmosphere.  Small churches have a higher percentage of membership involvement in hands on ministry and projects. How many large churches can boast of half their congregation being present for Wednesday night prayer and Bible Study?

I tell you, we are a small church with a big heart. I am honored, blessed and proud to be Pastor of this small congregation. I hope that as a member you feel honored, blessed and proud to be in the family of God called Crabtree Valley Baptist Church.

In His Love,



Little Church, Big Heart