Posted by Johnny Richards

Relationships. All of us have had relationships with other people. Husbands and wives; children and parents; boyfriends and girlfriends; friends.  Relationships are an important part of a person’s  life. Without relationships, we don’t have support, and love and care. These are the important parts of life. The very first part of the word tells us the purpose of relationships is to relate to other people.

“Relation” is from the Latin word, relationem. It means “to bring back, or restore.” When you add the suffix “ship” to it the meaning becomes “to connect”. When we have a relationship with someone we are connecting with that person in some way. Maybe it is through a friendly relationship or a loving relationship. Relationships help us connect with other people. Such was the case in our word for this past Sunday. “Relationship” was something that was important to Christ. He wants us all to have a relationship, to connect with one another. He wants us to find that support, encouragement and strength we need to make it through another by having that relationship. He also wants us to have a relationship with Him, our creator and our Lord. That relationship is far more important than any earthly relationship we can experience.

Sometimes the relationships we have with others is even more important than we thought. While you might have been doing something for someone because you felt the need to do so, the person truly came to love you and appreciate you and lean upon you for their strength. This was the case with Jesus’ mother and as we learned on Sunday, the most important thing for Jesus was to make sure his mother was taken care of after He was gone. Isn’t that just like Jesus, caring for others more than Himself? I love what Jesus said to John and His mother. To John he said, “this is your mother.” In other words, take care of her. Make sure she does ok. Love her and help her when she needs help. Sometimes we don’t think we need help when we really do. Jesus wanted John to make sure she was cared for. He was to relate to her as a son.

To Mary, “this is your son.” In other words, allow him to care for you. Jesus knew His mother was going to need to be cared for, but He also knew she would probably not want to be cared for. Most adults are like this. We are independent. We don’t want people caring for us. Jesus knew she would feel this way. For this reason he pointed out that this was her son, from this point on. John would be caring for her and she was to allow that to happen. John and Mary’s relationship changed at the foot of the cross.

Relationships are important and needed. Our relationship with Christ is the most important relationship of all. Until next week…

Peace and Blessing…  Johnny