The Importance of Prayer

On the website Prayer and Possibilities, writer Kathryn Shirey talks about the seven reasons it is important to have a consistent prayer life. I want to share these seven reasons with you this week and maybe her words will inspire us all to make sure we are communicating with Christ each day.

 #1: Prayer is important because it sets the tone for the day, or it can change the tone for the day. How do our days usually start? Do we start by thinking about all that needs to be done or the things we are leaving undone at home? Praying helps us start the day with praise and focus on God, and not other things. We can also ask God to help us through the day.

            #2: Prayer is important because it helps us make better decisions. By praying, we can allow ourselves to calm down when we have a difficult decision to make. It is much easier to make better decisions when we are doing it with a calm mind rather than a stressed mind.

            #3: Prayer is important because it keeps God in the forefront of our minds, not forgetting Him until Sunday. Because of our busy schedules, it is very easy to forget to do things. We don’t forget them because we want to, we forget them because our minds are too busy. Praying helps keep us focused on God.

            #4: Prayer is important because the more we pray, the stronger our relationship becomes with God. Just like any relationship, the more we communicate together, the closer we become. If we don’t communicate with one another, we will lose touch. Prayer keeps us in touch with God.

            #5: Prayer is important because it disciplines our hearts to submit to God. Prayer should become a natural part of our lives. If we pray each day, it will help us make that a part of who we are.

            #6: Prayer is important because we have to ask God for help in our prayers for Him to help us. We know that God knows what we need, but when we ask Him for what we need, it helps us remember that He is our provider. A friend of mine used to say to me, “ask for what you need.” This is so true with God.

            #7: Prayer is important because it allows God to transform our hearts. When we pray, our hearts are softer and God is able to mold us into the person He wants us to be.

Prayer is important and we need to communicate with God so our relationship with God continues to grow.      

Peace and Blessings…  Rev. Johnny Richards                   

(reprinted from June 2022)

The Importance of Prayer