Worship service featuring the sermon “The Seven Last Words of Christ: Relationships” given by Interim Pastor Rev. Johnny Richards; including scriptures from John 19:26-27; and music performed by music director Risa Poniros, and pianist Cheryl Walker.


All of us have been in relationships in life. Whether it is with our parents, or children or spouses. Relationships are important. Jesus knew the importance of relationships and he knew how much strength and support we gain from them. That is why he challenged John and Mary in their relationship. In this morning’s message, our pastor continues the “Seven Last Words of Christ” with the word “relationships” from John 19:26-27.


Points to Remember: 

  1. Relationships help us get through pain 
  2. Relationships are about caring for others 
  3. Relationships help us care for those who may not care for themselves
The Seven Last Words of Christ: Relationships