This past week, like you and millions others, I witnessed the marvel of the eclipse of the sun.  I looked up.   A posture I need to do more often, not to watch the sun but to behold the Son of God. 

For a few moments last week we felt as ONE.  Political partisanship was laid aside, as were all those religious differences–and we just looked up and recognized the vastness of space and the littleness of humankind.  For a time, we were not a nation wracked by argument and vitriol but a people more alike than different.

Looking up will do that.  And that is why we need to do it more often.  Every time we gather as church the opportunity for something special happens.  We remember there is SOMEONE greater than all of us put together and that remembrance then binds us together in special relationship that is sacred.   So I keep looking up, not just on eclipse days, but on days where everything is eclipsed by the wonder and goodness of God.  “Lift up your heads, O you gates, be lifted up, you ancient doors, that the King of Glory may come in….Psalm 24:7

Last week was a beautiful reminder of the vastness of God’s universe.  And an appreciation for all those strange looking people wearing comical looking glasses.  And it happened because we were looking up.  Some of the best things in life have a way of happening when we look up.   So give it a try this week, not into the blinding light of the sun, but to the King of Glory whose light shines on us all.

Brave Journey,