It’s 2015. Yikes!! Remember when the book 1984 was a science fiction book about a time far off into the future? Now we’re actually living in a year 30 years later! Not so many years ago we would find it impossible to believe that we could transmit medical data by merely holding the phone up to the heart monitor we are wearing. The rotator cuff surgery I had a couple of years ago would have left my shoulder looking a little like a crazy quilt rather than the 3 small scars I have. I can do things like remotely program my television box to record a particular show by just using an app on my phone. I can listen to music or look at movies that are provided by an internet line that feeds into my television. If I have a problem with my cable or telephone, I can have a technician troubleshoot from his remote location in who knows where. I did over half my Christmas shopping online without ever having to leave the house. Most places don’t charge shipping during the holidays and they’ll wrap it and ship it wherever you need it to go.

Even with all these advances, there are things we need to do as human beings. A smart phone can’t hug somebody who is hurting. My miraculous television can’t look into the eyes of a friend who needs help. No amount of research can explain why my little 2 ½ year old grandson recognized a framed photo of my late father in law. We know he recognized “Pop” because he picked the photo out of all the others that were hanging on the wall, kissed his little hand and pressed it to the picture saying, “Bye bye, Grand Pop Pop” as we were leaving. A small gesture indeed but it meant a lot to those of us who were there. A conversation by instant message can’t replace a cup of coffee and a nice chat with a person who is in the same room.

As we enter this brand spanking New Year, let’s do so with our eyes looking ahead. How can I plug into today’s world? Is there something I need to do or somewhere I need to be? Is there some way I can make someone else’s life better? Can I make myself more aware of opportunities to share my faith? Can I dedicate time each day to not only looking ahead but also taking time to look up? God is there wanting to support and lead you to do His will. He’s not going to tap you on the shoulder and shake His head like my Trigonometry teacher did when I was doing a problem wrong. He loves you and will always be there for you. He wants you to share this gift with all you encounter in your life. He will not push you but He will lead you if you let Him. He will pick you up when you fall and He will delight in your successes. Connecting with God is a wonderful way to start off a new year!

Submitted by Linda Wheeler

It’s 2015. Yikes!!