Worship service featuring the sermon “When Worship Seems Hard” given by Interim Pastor Rev. Johnny Richards; including scriptures from Genesis 22:1-14; and music performed by music director Risa Poniros, pianist Cheryl Walker and the choir.


When Sunday comes, we all have a choice to make. Do you come to worship or not? However, when we think about it, worship should not be seen as a “one day a week” decision. Worship should be an every day choice we must make. However, there are times when worshipping God, especially each day, can be seen as quite difficult. In our message for today, our pastor talks about what we can do to make worship easier. Our text is from Genesis 22:1-14. 


Points to Remember: 

  1. We must prepare for worship 
  2. We must continue to worship, even when it seems odd 
  3. We must look for the blessing of worship
When Worship Seems Hard