It happened so fast, weeks of preparation, lots of hard work, and many willing hands volunteering to get Welcome House Raleigh ready. Then, came the announcement that our first refugee family would be arriving. Dr. Zeyad, wife Kenda, daughter Mayar and son, Hamoudi arrived on Thursday, September 7, from Iraq.

Dr Zeyad, a Pediatrician, had given valuable service to our troops in Iraq and fortunately did not have to spend the usual required time in a refugee camp. They have long desired to come to American to get a new start. They met all the requirements and they are grateful to be in the USA.

Fortunately, Dr. Z’s family already had friends and family in the triangle area. We were delighted that Welcome House Raleigh was ready for their arrival. But their stay was short. A new apartment meeting their family needs was found at Sumpter Square and they were able to move to their new home on Thursday, September 14, just one week after arrival. Before leaving WHR they left a sweet
note of thanks expressing their appreciation for the care and friendship that they found upon arrival. Kenda said that “this was the first place the children had been where they were safe to play outside.” And play they did. How glad we are that our playground had been completely upgraded by the time of their arrival. Just knowing that this family arrived at Welcome House Raleigh and for the first time felt safety for themselves and their children makes the project worthwhile.

We now await our next family and the blessing that Welcome House Raleigh will be to them. To God be the Glory.

In His Love,

Welcome House Raleigh a Reality