When our first refugee family left Welcome House Raleigh on September 14, after just one week of residence, Kenda, the mother, said that this was the first time that her children had played outside safe. Her words of appreciation touched our hearts. We take for granted
the safety of our children outside.

Although our first family’s stay was short, it was totally worth the effort that has gone into making this house available for those who are fleeing the oppression of their home countries. We are delighted that our first family found a permanent home so soon and that they felt welcomed and safe in the house that we provided.

This Sunday at 2:00pm, Volunteers, Guests and all who have been involved and praying for this ministry are cordially invited and
encouraged to attend the Dedication of Welcome House Raleigh. The house will be open for visitation during and after the reception in the fellowship hall. We hope that all of you will take time to visit the house and see the beautiful work that has been done to restore it to living conditions.

We are grateful for the strong support that has been given by our membership. We owe special thanks to Barbara Best, Peninah Brown and Gene Sherwood for volunteering to be on the CBF Hospitality Committee representing CVBC. These dedicated ladies are our representatives in this mission endeavor. They prepared the house for the arrival of refugee families and make sure that the house is ready for the next family. They will also be reporting to the church at each business meeting.

Pray for this ministry. Attend the Dedication Service and share the good
news of what God is doing.

In His love,

Welcome House Impact