The Future Is Now

We are witnessing in our lifetimes many of the End times Biblical prophecies coming to pass. It has been astonishing and shocking as we proceed forward. But we more than ever need to be comforted in God’s Word and in His Presence in us. This as we go deeper and deeper into the period of the “beginning of sorrows” our Lord speaks on in depth, in Matthew Chapter 24.

The prophecies will continue to be part of our lives because we do very much look like the generation that shall see all of the events in Revelation. Thus, as fear mounts upon the earth, we as believers must have our priorities in life such as walking Christ-like, to tell of Him to others while praying for the opportunities to witness. As the fear grows we must more than ever not let it cripple us, for there will be a strong temptation to give into the fear. But no matter the circumstances, we know our Lord Jesus is with us to the end and beyond. The spirit of fear is not of God but is of the Devil.

The world is looking for governments, science, technology and social reprogramming to solve the world’s problems that are befalling mankind. The believer should be looking up towards the heavens and giving thanks to God the Father for sending His Son as our Savior-King who will be coming for us. The world at large does not look for Christ’s 2nd coming but we have the blessed hope and the knowledge by the grace of God that we will be spared his judgment.

Therefore, we should stay strong in the Lord assured that he is holy and just, for we know he has a divine purpose in all things. This will be a time unlike any other in history, perilous times and we the believers must have a deep conviction that we are here for a definitive reason to give glory to God through the darkness of this world.

1 Corinthians 1:9 “God is faithful; by him you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.”

Many blessings In-Christ,

David Viano

The Future Is Now