In Brazil, we lived on a fruit farm out in the interior and 400 miles from the Coast. We found many lessons to be learned from the fruit trees that we had in our yard. We had cashew trees, bananas, orange, lemon and coconut trees in abundance.

We learned that it takes one banana plant lots of water and a year to produce a stalk of bananas. It takes an orange tree three years to bear its first fruit. Cashew is really a fruit and the nut comes along as a bonus but it takes years to produce the first fuit. Coconut water can help you survive the heat of the desert and keep you safe from disease but it takes time for them to develop.

All fruits have their seasons and designated times of development. So it is in the Kingdom of God. In John 15, Jesus tells us that we are to bear fruit, more fruit and much fruit. It takes time, discipline and patience for that to happen in our lives. But with the waiting period, the period of preparation, the period of time necessary for spiritual growth, there comes maturity.

From the seed of a lemon tree that we had in Brazil, I have a potted lemon tree that is my pride and joy. Each year we enjoy the fresh lemons that it produces. Right now, some of the lemons are turning yellow. I tried to pull one off over the weekend but it would not turn loose. It was not ready to be picked. I now must patiently wait for its maturity and I will knowing that from this lemon Gloria will make me a delicious lemon pie.

Like the fruit of a tree, we are most effective if we are patient in the growth process. The more mature we are in the faith, the more productive we can be. If the fruit is separated from the tree before it’s time it is not as good as it can be and it might not be any good at all.

Just as it is necessary for the fruit to be attached to the tree or vine, it is necessary for us to be attached to Jesus Christ if we expect to grow spiritually. Apart from Him, we can do nothing.

In His Love,


Growing Spiritually