Posted by Johnny Richards

If you have ever taken a road trip, you know there is excitement as the trip begins. As the trip goes on, depending on how long the trip is, the excitement may begin to fade. The longer the trip is, the more opportunity there is for things to not go your way. True, you can enjoy the scenery and all that takes place, but the part of the trip between leaving and arriving can bring about its own type of excitement. If you have children, you may hear questions like, “are we almost there?”, or “are we there yet?” That “in-between” time can be life changing with memories, both good and bad. However, no trip can ever take place without the “in-between” time.

Last Wednesday evening, we began looking at a book entitled, “The Land Between.” A time of transition can be a very holy and sacred place. It doesn’t have to be a time of transition in death. We do talk about that holy transition of leaving this life to our eternal life. However, transition can be a move we make, or anything life brings our way, that causes us to move from one place to another place. That move can be physical, emotional or even spiritual. Transition: the period of changing from one state or condition to another.

As we began this study, we noticed a man who was definitely in the process of transitioning, both physically and spiritually. Moses. God wanted Moses to do something that Moses felt was impossible. However, to God, Moses was the man for the job. He was the man to take the people of Israel from bondage to freedom. Moses used every excuse in the book to try to help God understand someone else needed to be doing the job he was called to do. Over and over Moses had an excuse. Over and over God had an answer. Why didn’t God just get someone else to do it? Someone who wanted to do it and would have been happy to do it? After all, isn’t it better to have someone who wants to do it, instead of someone who is going to try and make excuses? Not necessarily.

When God calls us to do something, it is because He sees us as being able to do it. No matter the calling, if God calls us then God has seen in us the ability to do it. But it is that time of transition that is so important. It is that time from the beginning of the calling to the fulfilling of the calling that is known as the “Land Between”. How that time is spent is up to each one of us. We can make it something positive, by allowing God to lead us and guide us, thus helping us depend on Him more. Or, we can see this time as a bother and something we want to stay away from, thus causing us to doubt God more when we need to trust Him. It all depends on us. It depended on Moses, as we will see. Until next week…

Peace and Blessings..