Weekly Worship Service of Crabtree Valley Baptist Church, Raleigh NC


Worship service featuring the sermon “Being Reminded to Be Proud” given by Interim Pastor Rev. Johnny Richards; including scriptures from 2 Timothy 1:8-18; and music performed by music director Risa Poniros, pianist Cheryl Walker, and the choir.


Have you ever really thought about the benefits of being who you are? Have you thought about the benefit of being children of your parents? We know there are those who have experienced a difficult life, and some of those difficulties are because of family dynamics. However, if we look really closely, there may be some things that we can see that are good about our lives. There are definitely some benefits to being a Christian and a child of God. In our message for today, our pastor reminds us of things we can be proud of if we have accepted Christ into our hearts. 


Points to Remember:

  1. We can be proud of the grace we have in Christ
  2. We can be proud of the lessons we have been taught through Christ
  3. We can be proud of the help God sends us as we serve Him
Being Reminded to Be Proud