It is not often that a church conference inspires and touches me the way Sunday’s conference did.  First, thank you for your trust in me to vote for me as your new Interim Pastor.  I am honored and grateful and filled with expectation for the coming days and months.  I have often said that the defining question every church must be able to answer is this—“If your church closed its doors tomorrow would it make any               difference in your community and world?” 

As I listened to the reports Sunday there is no doubt that there is a reason CVBC exists. Two stories especially moved me.  First, the continued ministry of Welcome House and seeing the pictures of excitement and joy in the faces of children as they marveled at the abundance of Christmas gifts that had been collected for them.  Second, and maybe most of all, I was moved to hear the stories regarding the children who come to the church on Wednesday night.  Everyone of them had a parent present for the Christmas Cantata.  It was reported that some had no idea or ever heard the song “Silent Night.”  Right in our own backyard it is hard to imagine but that is the mission field that CVBC is now reaching in such powerful ways.  Yes, THERE IS A REASON CVBC EXISTS!!  

You are making a difference in the lives of others and God is delighted with you.  As long as mission and ministry are our reason for existing, God will honor it and live through us.   And the spaghetti was great!!!   And the desserts were even better!   A church conference, of all the unlikely experiences, became a time to give witness to the presence of God in the life of a very special church.

Brave Journey,