This past week Kathy and I were targeted to be scammed to the tune of thousands of dollars. It was scary and pretty amazing how professional and legitimate it sounded. The person could not have been more kind and helpful and . ..unlawful. This went on for over an hour and reminded me of why some people I know have fallen victim to the same scams in recent history. Fortunately we figured it out and no harm was done. However, it required several hours at the bank and taking our computer to Staples to have it scrubbed.

I say all that as a reminder of how important it is that we know whom we can trust and whom we cannot. A question I often pose in counseling is this—“What voice is getting your attention?” There are so many competing voices that some days my heart feels like there is a bad committee meeting going on. The voices of social media, the voices of parents, a spouse, a boss or friends. How do you know which voice is trustworthy and most important, how do you know when it is the voice of God and not just your own selfish voice pretending to know best.

Of course the place to begin is prayer. That means being still, being quiet, being open to surprise, being expecting. All of which are huge challenges so often. Another tried and true way to God’s voice is to listen to the voice of a trusted, mature Christian friend. Each of those qualities are essential—trusted, mature, Christian, friend. Ask that person if what you are sensing is God’s voice in your life sounds reasonable and reliable. Again and again I sense God’s voice through others–mentors, friends, therapists, counselors. And I am available as well.

Voices—there are so many and some are incredibly authentic and deceiving. Be sure to know God’s voice above all.

Brave Journey,