Andrew, by profession, was a fisherman along with his brother Simon Peter. He was a disciple of John the Baptist until John pointed to Jesus as   “The Lamb of God”. Accepting Jesus as being greater than John the Baptist, the fisherman immediately became a follower. The first thing              that Andrew did was to bring his brother Simon Peter to Jesus.

Most of what we know about Andrew is found in the Gospel of John. John presents the disciple as one who was constantly bringing people to Jesus. Scripture reveals that Andrew not only introduced his brother to Jesus but when the multitudes had gathered to hear Jesus speak on the mountainside and there was not enough food for the crowd, Andrew found the little boy with five barley loaves and two fish, brought him to Jesus and then Jesus used the little boy’s lunch to feed the multitude.

During the Passover Feast, Andrew brought a group of Greeks (Gentiles) to meet Jesus which prompted Jesus to say, “When I am lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men to myself.”

The enthusiasm of Andrew to bring people to Jesus should inspire us to do the same. I remember when I was a child that our church had a campaign which was called “Each one Bring One”. The idea caught fire and many people were brought to Jesus and to membership in our church.

Could such a campaign catch fire at Crabtree Valley Baptist Church? Yes, indeed it could, if each member would take it upon himself/herself to reach out to people known and unknown and encourage them and enable them to be in this house of worship each Sunday.

Andrew acted intentionally to bring people to Jesus starting with his brother. What a difference it would make at Crabtree Valley Baptist Church if each member would, week by week, intentionally invite someone to join us in worship, Bible Study and Fellowship. Will you, like Andrew, commit to bring people to Jesus?

In His love





Thought of the Week for: November 15