Sunday School originated in the 1780’s as literary schools to provide education to working children on the one day they were off from their factory work. It came to life out of the efforts of Robert Raikes, editor of the Gloucester Journal in England. The purpose of Sunday School was to teach children to read and write. The Bible was the principal tool for this education.

Sunday School was rapidly adopted across many denominations and was popular with children and adults eager to learn the Bible and how to read and write.

By the 1870’s universal compulsory state education was established and reading and writing were then learned on weekdays and the Sunday School curriculum was limited to religious education

Through many years, Sunday School has been the principal organization within the church promoting Bible Study. It has been the number one arm of the church in promoting evangelism and outreach. Many souls have been brought to Christ through Sunday School. Sunday School has been the principal support group for people in times of sickness, family crisis and death. In many ways, Sunday School has been the backbone of the church.

At Crabtree Valley Baptist church we need a new emphasis on involving our church members in weekly Bible Study and fellowship through the Sunday School. Let me encourage you to make Sunday School the strong spiritual arm of the church that it is intended to be. Let me urge you as a church member to get involved in weekly Bible Study through the Sunday School. Every Christian should have not only have a love for God’s Word but a desire and devotion to study it and make application of it in their daily lives. I urge you to make Sunday School a priority in your weekly spiritual growth.

In His Love,


Thought of the Week for: June 7