In the called business meeting last Sunday, the church voted unanimously to authorize the Properties Committee to proceed with upgrading our church building. The church family approved plans for remodeling and upgrading the church facility and also entrusted the Committee to use their discretion in making repairs that might unexpectedly arise during the remodeling process.

The confidence that the church placed in the Properties Committee is an indication of the new spirit that we are experiencing at Crabtree Valley Baptist Church. That new spirit has been emerging with increased attendance in Sunday School and Worship. Last month we averaged 35 in Sunday School and 57 in worship. Over the last month we averaged 20 in Wednesday night Bible Study. We have added 9 new members to our church family plus 1 under the watch care of the church. Since January our offerings have averaged $2,500 per Sunday.

You feel the new spirit as members of the church family and guests linger for fellowship and conversation long after the worship has ended. You see it in the smiles, the laughter and joy of being together. To God be the Glory.

Our choir is more enthused than ever under the leadership of April Brown. They will present a special 4th of July musical during Worship on June 26.   Fourteen youth are attending Passport this week in Danville, Virginia under the leadership of Andrew McCullagh with Robert Best and April Brown serving as chaperones.

Excitement, anticipation and participation create an environment for growth. We want to grow. If you love music, please consider joining our choir. As a member, reach out to family, friends, neighbors and those you encounter in your everyday activities and invite them to get involved at CVBC. Pray daily for God’s blessings to be poured out upon this congregation. Pray that we will truly join God in the work that He is doing here.

The word of the Psalmist is appropriate here: “I was glad when they said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” I pray that you are!

In His Love, Charles

Thought of the Week for: June 14