Posted by Johnny Richards

In last week’s article, I began talking about some of the things the church should be doing. These are things we are presently doing, but also things we might be able to do better. Last week I talked about how the church should be a church that worships, both as individuals and also as a corporate body. I truly believe if each individual will worship Christ throughout the week, then we will come more ready to worship as a church family on Sunday and Wednesdays.

Another thing I believe the church should be about doing is praying. Praying is something most of us were taught as a child. Whether it was saying our night time prayers, or saying the blessing at the meal table, or just praying to God when we were hurting. Praying is one of the foundational parts of the Christian life. Without prayer, we are taking away communication from our relationship with God. If we do not communicate with God, while He may know our hearts already, we will not be able to actively pursue a stronger and closer relationship with Him.

Some people may feel that prayer is just us talking to God. We share with Him our needs and our wants. We pray for people who are hurting and need Him to be a part of their lives. However, prayer is more than just talking to God. Prayer is also us listening for Him to speak to us. Prayer is a two-way street. We must talk to Him, but we also need to listen to Him. God may have something very important to share with us and if we do all the talking, we will never be able to hear His voice.

If prayer is so important in the Christian life, why do some people fail to pray? It may be because they don’t believe God will answer their prayers. God, in His word, promises us that He will answer our prayers. In Psalm 91:15, David writes, “He shall call upon me (God) and I will answer him: I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him.” God promises to answer our prayers. The answers we receive may not be what we want to hear. When we want a “yes”, God may know we need a “no”. When we ask for a door to open, God may know the door must close so another one will open for us. God knows what is best and will answer our prayers according to His will.

Knowing this about prayer, and the importance of prayer makes it a vital part of the church if we are to be what God would have us to be. Without prayer, especially for one another, we are like those who are stuck on an island, all alone and with no hope. However, as long as we have people praying for us, and praying with us, God can do whatever He so desires. I encourage you to pray for others and pray for your pastor. I know this pastor will pray for you. Until next week…

Peace and Blessings, Johnny