Special Worship message and song featuring the sermon “You Can Have God’s Best” given by Interim Pastor Rev. Johnny Richards with scriptures from John 3:16.


The saying is really true…you do get what you pay for. If you choose to pay a little money for something, then you will probably get something that is worth very little. However, if you want something great, then you will probably have to pay for it, unless it is the gift of God’s love. All of us have been given the greatest gift we could ever receive and that is God’s love. In our message today, our pastor shares with us the important facts of the greatest gift we could ever receive. Our text is John 3:16. 


Points to Remember: 

1) God’s love is wonderful 

2) God’s love is a wonderful gift 

3) God’s love requires a wonderful faith 

4) God’s love gives us a wonderful life

You Can Have God’s Best