What Does a Church Need?

Recently I found an article written by an organization of churches and community service agencies in Colorado.  It was titled, 5 Core Ministries Your Church Needs, listing these areas:

  1. Praise and Worship
  2. Local outreach
  3. Preaching and Teaching
  4. Guest Services
  5. Children’s Ministry

As I read the article, I thought specifically of Crabtree Valley Baptist. How are we doing in these areas and what do we need to improve? Are there other ministries that should be added to the list?  How would you evaluate our church on these ministries?

I think we do well in the praise and worship and preaching area.  Crabtree Valley has a long history of exceptional pastors and Bible teachers.  We have enjoyed and been challenged by pulpit messages. Participation in studies and discussions at this church have increased our understanding of the Bible.  I appreciate all the faithful members who attend regularly.   I really appreciate our choir director, choir, and musicians who do an excellent job leading us as we praise God.

I do hope that more people will join the Wednesday night Bible Study group, and our Sunday School has still not returned to the pre-pandemic numbers.  We would like more students and teachers added to our regular members.

Local outreach provides church members an opportunity to show faith and love in action to the community.  Two examples sponsored by Crabtree Valley are the Hope Pantry and Welcome House.  Thanks to loyal volunteers and generous members, the pantry is stocked and food is distributed to families in need.  The Welcome House provides temporary housing and friendship to refugees who come to our area.  We also support programs such as the Christmas Shoebox ministry and Church World Service’s collection of hygiene kits.

The fourth ministry is guest services.  I have watched members make a special effort to speak to and welcome guests who come to the services.  Guests have commented about our friendly group.  However, we need to do more, inviting friends and neighbors to come to Crabtree Valley.  We need more visitors to welcome!

Most of you never see the children and youth involved in our children’s ministry.  They rarely join the worship services upstairs and few of their parents come to worship.  However, thanks to the Walkers who pick them up every week, we have a growing group meeting downstairs on Wednesday nights.  Each week they come to hear Bible stories, learn Bible verses, participate in mission projects, do crafts and play games.  We believe this is preparing future church members.

Looking at this list, I think Crabtree is trying to engage in all these ministries, but there is always room to improve.   Ask yourselves, who can I invite to church and what can I do to make Crabtree Valley even better?  Most importantly, please pray for the church and the person God will send us to be our next pastor.

Barbara Best, Deacon Chair

What Does a Church Need?