Are You Involved in God’s business?

“Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?” Such was the response of twelve-year-old Jesus when his parents finally found him in the temple after three days. Specific details of Jesus’ whereabouts are interesting to explore and numerous questions can be asked about the event.  For now, I ask you to ponder the question that Jesus asked his parents when they asked Him, “Son, why have you done this to us?”

Jesus was just a boy but his question speaks volumes about his maturity and understanding of His mission.  At this young age, “His Heavenly Father’s business” motivated and excited Him. He had questions and he wanted answers. He knew no better place to begin his search that with the teachers of the Temple. That is why he remained in Jerusalem while his parents, having celebrated the Passover, left for home.

When Joseph and Mary arrived at the temple they were amazed as they found Jesus in deep dialogue. Not only were Joseph and Mary amazed as they found their son “in the midst of the teachers both listening to them and asking questions” but in awe that “all who heard Him were astonished at His understanding and answers.”

The motivation of Jesus to be “about His father’s business” should cause every Christian to take an inventory about our own lives.  How much interest, excitement, motivation and curiosity do we have about “our Heavenly Father’s Business?” To what length, effort or sacrifice do we go to know more about God’s Will, Purpose and Mission for us in the world. How excited do we get about studying God’s Word, worshiping in God’s house, praying or sharing the Gospel with others? To what extent are we involved in God’s business?

In His Love


Are You Involved in God’s business?