The Journey of Life

If you are looking for good reading material you will do well to check out the writings of Richard Paul Evans.  Through a friend, Gloria and I were introduced to “The Walk Series” by this gifted writer. There are five books in the series. Gloria has read them all. I am trailing behind with the third book.  It is easy read, hard to put down, emotionally moving and spiritually challenging.

“The Walk” is the story of a young man named Alan Christoffersen who lost everything. His wife was paralyzed in a horse-riding accident and died from an infection, his trusted business partner stole his advertising business while he was caring for his wife before her passing. Lost income and mounting bills took him into bankruptcy. His beautiful home was foreclosed and two luxury cars were repossessed. Two days after his wife’s burial, heartbroken and emotionally depleted, Alan started walking across America from Seattle, Washington to Key West, Florida in search of HOPE.

This walk across America is a microscopic look at the journey of life, its meaning and purpose, its victories and defeats, its joy and pains. It is about very bad things that happen in life and angels and good Samaritans who come to the rescue. It’s about dealing with the unexpected, friendships, facing temptation, broken relationships, holding grudges, persistence, finding forgiveness, peace and freedom.

It’s hard to make the journey across America with Alan without taking time out to ponder the challenges he faces, his response and the profound lessons he learns. This walk will help you stop and think about your own journey in life, your own personal relationships and how you deal with adversity.

As I read Alan’s story, I find myself stopping to reflect upon the Bible which is God’s road map for life’s journey.  The Bible is such a remarkable book that it covers just about any situation that life throws at us. God’s Word is designed to help us live life joyfully, with freedom, power and purpose.  Alan Christoffersen’s walk across America

Illustrates how it can be done.

In His Love,


The Journey of Life