The Church and State

With all that’s going on before and during the election, I have been wondering what the Bible says about governance.  I found this in Rom.13:1-7.

THE STARTING POINT:  GOD’S SOVERIGNITY:  God, the creator and sustainer of all creation, is in perfect eternal control.  He places His officials in their position for His ultimate glory and our good.  Because God initiates governments, what is the extent of their power?  Even bad governments have legitimate authority, but God’s authority is greater. God gives governments the right and power to enforce their decrees.  Where there are no governments, evil is free to destroy everything in its path.  Even bad governments are better than chaos. 

Principle:  All authority begins and ends with God.

TO EACH HIS DUE:  Both God and state will judge disobedience.  But the laws cannot make people good or even more moral.  Conscience involves our sense of right and wrong and self-awareness that we ought to do what is right.  We keep a clear conscience through obedience to God’s word.  We are to honor and respect those who are in authority over us.  When we submit to God and accept His help to honor and respect, even flawed leaders, we honor Him whom we are to honor above all others.

Principle:  Those who support governing authorities demonstrate their support and trust to God.


What civil authorities, regulations, or laws do you ignore or resist?  Is your resistance fueled by obedience to God or a desire to have your own way?  As people made in God’s image, we know we ought to do the right thing.  As people filled with God’s Spirit, we are able to do what is right.  No earthly ruler or power can accomplish what God alone does.”

Submitted by Peninah Brown

Quoted from Bible Study Fellowship Notes, Lesson 24, 2018.

The Church and State