Worship service featuring the sermon “The Beauty of Hope” given by Interim Pastor Rev. Johnny Richards; including scriptures from Mark 5:24-34; and music performed by music director Risa Poniros, pianist Cheryl Walker, and the choir.


First Sunday of Advent

Today begins the Advent season in our church. Over the next four weeks, our pastor will be talking about different aspects of God’s love He showed to the world by sending His son to be born to Mary and Joseph. This morning, our pastor begins our advent season by talking about hope, and the importance of not giving up, but reaching out to God when we reach the “bottom of the well”. Our passage is Mark 5:24-34.


Points to Remember:

  1. We may have to reach the bottom in order to look for hope
  2. Christ is with us, even if we are at the bottom
  3. Christ wants us to reach out to Him, even in the midst of the struggle
The Beauty of Hope