Mother Teresa once said, “There is so much good you can do if you listen to God in the silence of your heart.” Her words are food for thought in these challenging times. The key word in her statement is “LISTEN”. The key place to listen is “in the silence of your heart.”

Being still and being quiet are challenges for most of us in these busy, stressful, noise filled days. Being still and being quiet are disciplines that we could all use in our lives. Setting aside a specific time and a specific place for listening and silence may be the beginning of a life changing experience.

There are a number of reasons that we don’t listen to God.

  1. We don’t listen because our minds are made up.
  2. We don’t listen because we think we know better than God.
  3. We don’t listen because we are too distracted by what the world is saying.
  4. We don’t listen because we don’t know how to be still and to be quiet – we are obsessed with playing with our ipads, listening to music, focusing on games with the gadgets we hold in our hands or carry in our pockets.
  5. We don’t listen because we don’t want to be corrected. We don’t want to change our ways of doing things. We don’t want to come under conviction.

Jesus said, “Out of the heart flow the issues of life.” Knowing this, perhaps it is time to reflect and act upon the words of Mother Teresa and Jesus

In His Love,


Take time to LISTEN