A Pastor was out painting his fence one day.  As he painted, he meditated on the fact that life is so brief. “It’s just a vapor,” he reminded himself.  About that time a man came along the road leading a horse. The Pastor looked up and said, “Where are you going with that horse?” The man said, “I’m going to town to sell it.”  The Pastor said, “You ought to say, “I’m going to sell it if it be the Lord’s Will.” The man replied, “The Lord’s Will has nothing to do with it.  I raised this horse to sell and I’m going to sell it.”

The Pastor continued, “I’m telling you, life is short. You ought to say, “If it be the Lord’s Will.” The man responded, “Look, I raised this horse to sell. I’ve got an appointment with a potential buyer.  The Lord’s Will doesn’t have anything to do with it.”  With that, he walked off, pulling the horse behind him.

The Pastor kept painting the fence. About an hour and a half later, he looked up and saw the man walking back toward him.  His pants were gone, his boots were gone, and he was trying to cover himself with his shirt tail.  His face was cut and his hair was a mess.

The Pastor asked, “What in the world happened to you?” The man said, “Well, I stayed here and talked to you so blooming long I was late for my appointment. So, I cut across a corn field to save time.  The farmer who owns the field saw my horse, but he didn’t see me.  He shot my horse. The horse fell on me.  Then, he kicked me in the eye. I couldn’t get out from under him without pulling off my boots and pants.  I got up and the farmer started shooting at me.  Getting away, I caught myself in the barbed-wire fence. That’s what happened to me.”  The Pastor asked, “Well, where are you going now?” The man said, “Well, I’m going home if it be the Lord’s Will.”

Asking God to show you His Will could keep you out of trouble.

In His Love,



“If it be the Lord’s Will”