Have you ever been told “no news is good news”? I think we all have probably heard that at one time or another. I was raised by parents who absolutely refused to worry about things that hadn’t happened yet. After my dad retired, he and Mom spent a lot of time traveling across the country in their RV. Since cell phones didn’t exist at that time, I just had to wait for them to call me to let me know they were OK and having fun. I didn’t worry about them while they were gone because “no news is good news”. In other words, if I didn’t hear anything from them, no one had a reason to call me with bad news. I heard it often enough that it could have been considered our family motto!

One can receive news that is actually good news – news that we all need to hear. It is the good news of Jesus Christ. This good news can change a person’s life. This good news can change a person’s attitude. And hopefully, this good news will open all kinds of doors to a Godly life. As citizens of a free country, we have countless opportunities to hear the Good News. There are churches, televised church services and mission groups all over our country. Our friends and coworkers can share the Good News with us. Other countries are not nearly so lucky. Their religious freedoms are often denied. Some countries must rely on outsiders for this Good News. This Good News is probably the most pivotal information you can receive in your life.

As Christians, are we doing our part in spreading the Good News? Do we take advantage of every opportunity we encounter to share the Good News? Not all of us are called to stand on street corners and preach the Gospel. But we all are called to share with the people we encounter in our lives. It is important to God and, therefore should be important to Christians. Summer is upon us. Many of us will spend a lot of time away from our homes. We’ll be out of our comfort zones. But everywhere we go, we have an opportunity to share with someone else. We should be vigilant for ways to share our faith with others. It is a privilege and responsibility for Christians to talk to others about Jesus Christ!

                                                                                 Submitted by Linda Wheeler

Share the Good News!