Years ago, a church member told me that they felt like they were living in a pressure cooker. It was their way of describing the stress they were feeling from all the demands that were being placed upon them.

Mark 6:31 describes one of those “pressure cooker” moments when so many people were coming and going and bringing stress upon the disciples with all of their questions and demands. The disciples were so pressed, stressed and occupied that they did not even have time to eat. In such a moment Jesus said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

I don’t know of anyone who has not felt the “pressure cooker” experience at one time or another. If we diligently give ourselves to the tasks that are assigned to us, we cannot help but feel the pressure and the stress that comes with the responsibility.

I have heard individuals brag about the fact that they never take a vacation. I don’t feel so sorry for them as much as I feel sorry for the people that have to work with them. It should not be a bragging point that you never take time off for rest, relaxation, getting away, seeing new sights and gaining new perspective on life. Even Jesus saw the need for his disciples and for himself to get away from the crowds and find a quiet place for rest and recuperation.

Summer is fast approaching and I want to encourage you to get away from your routine responsibilities and pressures to enjoy some quiet time. Take time to see the beauty that surrounds you. Make time for rest, physical and spiritual renewal. Travel to a place that you have longed to visit and mark off something significant on your bucket list. Worship with another church and experience quality family time.

We did a little of all that I have suggested on our recent trip to Texas. Thanks for your prayers while we were away.

In His Love,


“Pressure Cooker”