Invite Someone to Church

My heart is filled with gratitude as I write this “Thought for the Week”. Sunday, May 19, I will celebrate my 80th Birthday.  Never did I think that I would live so long. By all medical records, I wasn’t supposed to make it to my 1st Birthday and certainly not past my 13th. I survived solely by the grace of God.  I give God all the praise and glory for sparing my life and for calling me to preach the Gospel. I also praise Him for putting into my path exceptional Doctors who were there for me just when I needed them most.

In gratitude to God, my message next Sunday will be a personal testimony entitled “The Debt of Love I Owe.”

It has been very encouraging in the past few weeks to receive visitors both in Sunday School and Worship.  Thank you for reaching out to them and making them feel welcome.  Let us pray without ceasing that God will use us in reaching out to those who need a church family.

The very best and most effective method of outreach is by personal invitation. Churches can advertise on the internet or by mail-outs, or by means of radio or TV, but nothing touches another person like a personal invitation. Let me encourage you and even urge you to intentionally invite people with whom you have contact to join us in Bible Study and Worship at Crabtree Valley Baptist Church.  With your persistence in reaching out to people you know and to those you encounter in your daily activities, we can see the number of visitors increase.

If you feel blessed to be a part of the CVBC Family, your good word, your personal testimony about the church can go a long way in encouraging others to attend and even join. Don’t be shy!  Speak out! Take advantage of every opportunity you have to speak a good word about your church and your faith. You might be surprised at how God can use you to grow His Kingdom. I look forward to seeing you next Sunday.

In His Love,



Invite Someone to Church