Posted by Johnny Richards

Have you ever been wanting and desiring one thing, only to have something else happen and you find yourself disappointed? For example, you’re craving something to eat for dinner. The craving began early in the day and it just stayed with you throughout the remainder of the day. You could hardly wait to get to dinner so you could go to the restaurant, order what you’ve been craving and finally get to eat it. Dinner time arrives and you get to the restaurant, you sit down and you tell the waiter what you would like to eat. You even tell the waiter you’ve been craving this all day long. Then, the waiter says those words that bring you down, “we’re out of that today”. What a disappointment. That whole day you’ve been expecting one thing, and when you think you’re going to get it, it’s not there. And now you have to decide on something else to eat. It has basically shaken your whole meal.

I know meal time is not a time that should shake us if we’re disappointed. But there are other things in life that happen, we’re expecting one thing and something else takes place and we are disappointed. For example, we may want to tell somebody something that is bothering us and we’re expecting them to keep the conversation just between us. Then, we find out in the community that someone has said something and what we expected to stay private is now known to a lot of people. We’re disappointed. Or, we’re expecting a financial blessing to come our way, and then we find out that it’s not going to take place. We’re disappointed. Disappointment is a part of life. However, disappointment places within us just that little bit of doubt that can keep us from trusting.

Today, at the beginning of this week, I want to give you the good news that you’ve already heard before but I want to remind you. While things around us change, and events may disappoint us, God will always be the same. He never changes. James 1:17 says it this way: “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”  This verse gives us the confidence we need to trust in God. The reason we face disappointment, and also a lack of trust, is because the situation around us changed and people will react according to the situation around them. However, God does not react to the situation around us. He is the same always no matter what the events are around us. In this verse we see two things we can give thanks for. First, everything we have comes from God. He blesses us each day. Secondly, He is always the light, and in him there is no change. Today, no matter what you’re dealing with, you can trust in God. He is the same always. While events may disappoint us, knowing who God is, should help us trust Him and depend upon Him. Until next week…

Peace and Blessings, Johnny