From the Pastor’s Heart…

One question some have asked me as I have pastored churches is “are you a New Testament or Old Testament preacher?” Well, the answer to that question depends. I have never thought much about it because I just preach from the passage or passages I feel God is laying on my heart to preach. I truly believe God has messages for us, His people, throughout the Bible. Some come from the Old Testament and some from the New Testament. It would be like asking me if I am a warm weather preacher or cold weather preacher. Both have good parts about them.

I believe God gave us the whole Bible for a reason. Some things we need to learn are pointed out in the Old Testament and some are pointed out in the New Testament. However, they are all from God. He knows what we need to hear and He knows what can encourage us to continue living for Him on a daily basis. Today, I want to remind you of something from both. I was reminded of this lesson as I walked outside this past week. Our weather is a roller coaster. Some days the temperature is in the 20s and some days in the 60s. One day I was walking with a heavy jacket and the next day my son was skateboarding wearing a t-shirt. North Carolina weather is interesting.

Such is life. One day we are doing well, the next, not so good. One day we are celebrating, the next, we are looking for someone to cry with. This type of “roller coaster” ride in life should not take any of us by surprise. In the Old Testament, the well-known and often read passage of scripture in Ecclesiastes tells us all about it. In case you have forgotten, it begins with “There is a time for everything” (NIV), or “to everything there is a season” (KJV). Either way, it simply means each part of life has a meaning and a purpose. There is a verse in this chapter that rarely gets read. Read the words from 3:12. “I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.” The writer, as most feel is Solomon, had the wisdom to know everyone is happier when things are going well. People smile more. People laugh more. Spirits are higher and better when things are going well. However, we know it is not always that way. Thus, the Old Testament lesson.

So, what can we do when things change so much? How do we handle the ebb and flow of life? Here is the New Testament lesson, found in Hebrews 13:8. Paul reminds us that “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Life is a roller coaster ride, Old Testament. Jesus Christ never changes, and we need to lean on Him to keep strong and moving on, New Testament lesson. So, am I an Old Testament preacher or a New Testament preacher? The answer is yes. Until next week..

Peace and Blessings…  Johnny

From the Pastor’s Heart…