Posted by Johnny Richards

Being the mother of Jesus must have been quite an experience. I am sure it was interesting to have a son who was perfect, never getting into trouble. While Jesus was perfect, there was a time when He probably caused his mother to get some gray hairs. Every year Jesus’ parents would go to Jerusalem for the Festival of the Passover. Each year, Jesus was older and grew in his knowledge of the scripture.

One year, when Jesus was 12, they went to the Festival as usual. When they were finished, they began their trip home, except for Jesus who stayed back in the temple learning. His parents did not know he had stayed back. It is the Bible’s “Home Alone” story when Kevin gets left in New York City. His parents traveled for a day before they recognized he was not with them. They went back and searched for him and three days later, they found him. They found him in the temple listening to the teachers, and learning. They asked him why he would treat them that way. His mother even said, “your father and I have been anxiously searching for you.” Kids. Jesus told them what he was doing. Listen to what he said. “Why were you searching for me?” he asked. Didnt you know I had to be in my Fathers house?” (Luke 2:49-51) They did not understand what he was saying to them. Jesus was trying to tell them that studying the scripture and listening to the teachers was what he had to do to grow for his future. It was the scripture that would help him be who He was to so many people.

If you read farther in the scripture, you will see that Jesus grew in wisdom. Mary treasured the thought of Jesus growing in her heart. She was very pleased that He was studying the scriptures. She may have aged a little quicker, but she was pleased. Growth takes place when we study. If it was God’s will for Jesus to study and learn, it is definitely God’s will for us to study and learn. God wants us to grow in our relationship with Him as well. What a wonderful opportunity it is for us when we can gather together to study God’s word. I am thankful we are able to do that more now. With the addition of Sunday School and Wednesday Night Bible Study, we have more chances to learn and grow in Christ. I hope you can take advantage of these special times, as well as morning worship. Just as Jesus told his parents that he had to do this, we also have to do this.

Jesus wanted to listen to the teachers and grow in the scripture. The question is do we want to do this as well? I hope we do. Our teachers have prepared and are ready to teach. Are we ready to learn? Until next week…

Peace and Blessings…