Count Your Blessings, Praise the Lord.

With the health challenge our world is facing, we are learning a whole new vocabulary. Remember when the transistor was invented and revolutionized the electronic industry. No longer were bulky vacuum tubes needed for a radio to function. We learned the magic word “transistor”.  The creation of NASA and our entrance into the space age issued in a whole new vocabulary for the world.  And how about the arrival of the computer? We learned about mega bites, hard drive, software, etc . The Ipad and smart phone again gave us words that we had never known before. Now, it’s the world changing coronavirus or Covid-19 and words like “shelter in,” “social distancing,” “self-quarantine,” “PUI (Persons Under Investigation),” virtual worship, etc.

It is not only a new vocabulary we are learning, it is a complete change of life-style. But you know what?  We can do it!  We can take the necessary steps to stop this virus. We can love each other so much that we refuse to do anything that puts our family or fellowman in jeopardy. We can listen to the health professionals who are risking their lives for us and minimize our risk to them. If the doctors and nurses get sick and the hospitals are flooded beyond capacity what’s going to happen to the greater population?

From that perspective, “social distancing,” “shelter in,”  and “virtual worship” become valuable words, comforting assurance, a security blanket, a safe feeling and a road to stopping the deadly spread of Covid-19.

Being home is not such a bad thing if we accept the challenge of doing constructive things. I’ve started calling on Alexa to play hymns for me as I do my morning devotions.  I’ve learned that you can say the Lord’s Prayer while washing your hands instead of singing Happy Birthday and making yourself feel older. My Bible reading, Bible Study has become more enjoyable because I can give it more  time without feeling rushed to go somewhere or do something. Being home is a good time to put all those family pictures in order that you have put of for a rainy day or snow day. And then there are closets and dresser drawers that need to be cleaned out and a house to be cleaned. There are cards to write, telephone calls to make and words of encouragement to share with others. Social distancing does not mean the end to socializing when you have a phone, text and email. Try “Face Timing” with your family, especially your Grandchildren” and friends because it makes you feel closer together. Put picture puzzles together, do word puzzles, read good books, sew, cook and clean out your freezer, clean out the flower bed, garage, etc. Take a long walk in the fresh air and trying praying as you walk – but with your eyes open, of course!  Take a ride in your car to change the scenery. Listen to the Health Professionals, Watch less news, catch up on those great movies you have been wanting to see. Get some extra rest that your body has been craving.

Count your blessings. Praise the Lord.  Pray frequently. Think positive thoughts.  Sing Songs and hymns and if you can’t sing, hum.  Reflect on all the good things God has done in your life. “May the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth, bless you from Zion” (Psalm 134:3).

In His Love, Charles

Count Your Blessings, Praise the Lord.