Are You Listening?

I enjoy playing solitaire on the computer or on my Ipad. The other day as I was finishing up my game of Spider solitaire, I noticed a card played many cards back that I should have played in my foundation row. That is, if I had been paying proper attention to the game.  I had not won the game and I was curious what the outcome of the game would have been had I played that card to the foundation at the proper time.  I used the backup button at the bottom of the screen and went back and played the card to the foundation when it first appeared.  I still didn’t win that game, but I did get a higher score!

Then I started to think, how many times has God tried to tell me something and I wasn’t paying attention?  How often has something turned out “OK” when it could have been “great” or even “wonderful” because I wasn’t paying attention to God’s message.

Back to solitaire.  There have been times in a game when a card has turned up that could be played more than one way. Do I put it immediately on the foundation and have sure points, or do I play it somewhere else that might result in another card I need coming to light.

Again, when God tells us something, do we listen or do we wait to see if God is going to change his mind?

I am trying to be better at listening.

Ellen Collins

Are You Listening?