“Remember the  Lord’s Day and keep it holy.” That has never been a challenge for me as a pastor but also because something is lost for me if I go a whole week without being with my spiritual family.  But that makes for more of a challenge when my travels make being with my own church impossible.

It is the season when many are doing just that–traveling.  Sunday I had more than one person tell me they would not be present this coming Sunday and in some cases the next several Sundays.  Make no mistake—when so much as a single one of you is missing something gets lost.  But at the same time it is wonderful to travel, to experience new places, to take a break from the usual pace of life.  I particularly hope you will be in prayer for Cheryl who is going on a mission trip to Guatemala this week.  

So what do you do when you are somewhere else on a Sunday morning.  Well, I hope you go to church.  Why not?  And I find it a special experience to sit in some unfamiliar pew and worship with people I don’t necessarily know.  In fact, I wish you would bring me the bulletin of where you attended, as I love to see how other churches do worship.

But most of all, it is because you need to remember the Lord’s Day.  It is a gift, it keeps our lives in balance, and best of all it gives us yet one more opportunity to give God our worship and adoration.  

So happy travels…..but remember you are God’s children and so give him your best.  And realize there is more than one way to do church.  And come back soon.  If you are not here you are missed.

Brave Journey,