Subtitle: Clean Up Your Act


Dear Lord,

For years I did what I thought I should do

Yet my life seemed all out of whack;

But now I know it needs not a DUST CLOTH approach

But a MIRACLE-GROWTH plan of attack.


FAVOR me Lord, with Your cleansing power;

Let the DOVE of Your Spirit rest here.

Use Your HOUSEHOLD OIL to ease my squeaking pleas;

Teach me, Lord, not to fear.
SPONGE away the heartaches and the garbage I’ve earned

But SOFT SCRUB to get them all out;

Like an ARROW from a COMET, pierce my heart with Your love,

Till I stand firm and give You a SHOUT.
No BANDAID approach for me, Dear Lord,

I need the real thing now;

A GLASSPLUS and more to fill my thirst—

The Spirit to teach me how.
It’s a TOPJOB I need to CLINGFREE of sin,

But I know You’re EQUAL to the task.

WISK away the things that are worthless each day,

For the valued things, help me to ask.


VANISH the unimportant things from my life;

Help me be flexible and elastic.

If I learn to focus completely on You,

My life will be truly FANTASTIK.
SCOTCHGUARD my spirit, Lord, so that nothing gets in

Except what you want to get through.

Then the valuable things will be locked in my heart

And with JOY I’ll be serving You, too.
CHEER me on as I travel life’s road,

Help me do ALL that I can;

Cause, Lord, I want my life made right through You,

Make it, Lord, SPIC AND SPAN.


In the name of Jesus, Amen    ( Bonnie Wright, 07-30-92)