I lived in Louisville, Kentucky for 3 years while attending seminary. This coming Saturday marks the 150th anniversary of the “Run for the Roses,”    otherwise known as the Kentucky Derby.  Every year I said I was going and every year the thought of dealing with the crowds got the last word.   

But what a party it would have been.  Did you know on Derby Day 142,000 hot dogs will be consumed, 18,000 barbeque sandwiches, 300,000 strawberries. and 120,000 mint juleps.  What a party!!!!

I visited Churchill Downs on other occasions and (true confession) I always bet on the horses.  BET may be a little strong word as I would be sure to never take more than $10 with me so that if I lost I wouldn’t lose much.  And of course every single time I left $10 poorer.  But what always caught my attention was to see the number of people who never even went into the grandstands and viewed the beautiful thoroughbreds but stayed under the grandstands and watched only the monitors to see if their horse placed.

So what’s the point of all this?  I wonder if sometimes we come to church and take in all the benefits of being with friends and enjoying the fellowship and giving a safe amount to keep things going, all the while missing the main attraction—the presence and power of the King of Kings whose majesty and glory fill the room if we but expect it and look for it. 

Worship is keeping the main thing the main thing—that God chooses to meet us and come to us before we ever come to Him.  I can go to church 53 Sundays a year and if I’m not careful I can miss the real gift it offers, a life changing experience of God.   So BE THERE but BE THERE for all that worship offers.   And don’t bet more than $10!!!!!

Brave Journey, Bill