It’s over. Easter is now behind us, at least on the calendar. My bet is that most of you went right back to your same homes, your same families, your same jobs, your same worries. The disciples, those who were fishermen, went right back to wetting their nets. Has anything changed in you?

Easter is now over….now what? Just the same old, same old, and the nets of your life are going to be full doing that? The crowds are now gone, the celebrations a distant memory. On this far side of Easter which is the only side we have, instead of going back.. .back to doing it the way you’ve always done it and living life the way you’ve always lived it, giving yourself to what is robbing you of life, why not live as those Christ is alive. Why not let Christ be living in you? Why not live as if Easter is true and the presence of the resurrected Christ makes everything different. The message is not that Easter was an event 2000 years ago or even a few days ago but that Easter started something that changed everything. It is not that the tomb was empty, but that the risen Christ is now alive and wanting to live in us. HE is alive so he doesn’t want to be treated like he is dead.

So has anything changed for you? Jesus came out of that tomb to be one with you. Nothing could keep Him from you, not even the cross. Don’t let Easter be in the rear view mirror of your life. As we said again and again Easter morning, “Chris is Risen. He is Risen indeed.” And that makes everything different.

This Sunday we will gather around the table and share in the Lord’s Supper. You are family and I hope you will join in this table Christ invites us to.

Brave Journey,