“Live your life so your preacher doesn’t have to lie about you at your funeral.”  It’s a good line, and usually at least initially puts a smile on your face.   But then it starts making you think…and wonder…and maybe think twice.  I know that most people when they attend a funeral somewhere in their thoughts is a consideration about what will be said of them when their time comes.  

This has been on my heart a little more than usual as this past week  I officiated a funeral for a saint of a lady, 60 years old, who was in church on a Wednesday night and died on Saturday, just a few days later.  No one had to lie about Sheila.  She loved and laughed and cried BIG.  The sanctuary was packed, all to give evidence that the impact of her life was large and lasting.

I said many things, no lies.  And maybe what I wanted people to hear as much as anything is this.  I’ve done hundreds of funerals.  I’ve been innumerable times beside loved ones when they breathed their last.  I have had a front row seat to what matters to people at the end. and it is this—in fact nothing else matters almost at all.  The only two things that matter at the end are your relationship to others and your relationship to Jesus Christ.  The only two things.  

So this has been on my heart as I consider my own life.  And I hope you might pause right now and consider your own story.  Because one day, we know not when, will be our day.  Someone will get up and speak to your life and how you did with your relationships to others and your relationship to God will make all the difference.

This month we celebrate Easter.  Christ is Risen and God has the last word.  Thanks be to God.

Brave Journey,