There are two letters left in our “alphabet series.” The next to last letter I want to focus on is the letter “Y”. Y stands for the simple word “yes.” Moses, Noah, Joshua and many others said yes to God’s calling and reaped the benefits. We need to say yes as well. Now I know people say that we need to say “no” more because we need to take care of ourselves and make sure we are putting limits on how much we do. We do need to take care of ourselves. I get that. However, I also believe we need to be more open to saying yes when it comes to serving God and ministering to others.

I want to share with you some of the benefits of saying yes. Now, these benefits are mentioned in Forbes magazine relating to saying yes in the business world. But looking over the benefits, I can definitely see the same benefits for us as we try to grow closer to God and encourage others.

One benefit of saying yes is that it opens up the door to new opportunities. There are times when we get to the point where we are comfortable the way life is going. We go through the same routine and do the same things, sometimes each and every day. If we are not careful, we can get in a rut, taking for granted what will happen. If we say yes to serving God, it gives God the chance to do something new in our lives, which can be exciting and, yes, a little scary.

A second benefit of saying yes is it can allow others to help us. No one can do everything all their own. We all need each other. I have mentioned about using our spiritual gifts. When we allow God to work through us, we can help one another be the individuals and church He has called us to be, together.

A third benefit of saying yes is it helps others (encourages) by letting them know we are hearing what they say. If someone needs some assistance, and we say yes, that means we heard what they asked of us. Even if the answer is no, if we acknowledge we heard them, it helps them feel better about themselves.

A fourth benefit of saying yes is it puts us in a safe place to try something, and maybe even learn in the trying. I have often heard, and do believe, there is no safer place than in the center of God’s will. Saying yes to God and obeying His leadership helps us understand He is in control and we can do what He asks us to do. Even if we mess up, He is still with us and loves us.

A final benefit to saying yes is that it makes life more joyful. There is nothing that can bring greater joy than doing something for someone that can bring us into the presence of God. It makes the Christian life worth living. I encourage you to say yes to God and draw closer to Him this season.

Until next week..

Peace and Blessings,  Johnny