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My challenge for all of us in 2018 is to adopt a motto for the New Year – “CONTINUE IN PRAYER”.  The Bible has much to say about prayer. Charles Spurgeon said, “We may be certain that what God emphasized in His Word, He intended to be conspicuous in our lives.”

The Bible has much to say about prayer because we have a great need for it. If Jesus’ heart was broken for the sins of Jerusalem, we too have reason for a broken heart over the sins of the world in which we live. I suggested last Sunday that we need to continue in prayer because of the fast pace in which we live.  Prayer calls for us to come apart from our busy, fast paced lives and take time to be holy, to be still, to be quiet and to listen and focus on God.

Prayer gives us perspective. Prayer is not about changing God’s mind but rather about changing our own lives. Prayer is not about getting God to do what we want but rather about aligning ourselves with God’s purposes. Genuine prayer is asking God to help us see earth through heaven’s eyes.

If we will “Continue in Prayer” in the New Year, we might be amazed at what God will do in our individual lives and in Crabtree Valley Baptist Church.  There is much for which we can pray.

Pray that this year we will be holy, humble, zealous and patient.

Pray that we will have a closer fellowship with Christ.

Pray that we will be an example and blessing to others.

Pray that we will live for the Glory of God.

Only the power of prayer can keep us near to the heart of God.  For 2018, let our motto be, “CONTINUE IN PRAYER”.

In His love,



Continue in Prayer