Back in the early 1900’s a retired minister took his grandson back up into the mountains where he had been invited to preach. When they passed  the offering plate, the minister put in a crinkled dollar and the grandson put in 25 cents. At the close of the service the church treasurer presented the guest preacher with an honorarium of $1.25, the entire offering for the day.

As the preacher and grandson made their way home following the service, the little boy said, “Grandpa, if we had put more into it, we would’ve gotten more out of it.

Our stewardship committee has informed us that we are behind in our giving and that due to some surprise expenses like the backflow valve required by the city of Raleigh, repairing leaks from the roof that went all the way to the basement and taking care of fallen trees, etc. that our checking account funds are low. With our surprise expenses coupled with the agreed remodeling expenses, we are calling upon each church member to prayerfully consider your financial support to the church.

The Bible teaches that we are to bring our tithes into the storehouse (the church). And while the Old Testament stressed the tithe or 10 percent, the New Testament teaches us to give in proportion to how God has blessed us. Ten percent, is the very basic amount that we should give. But ten percent may be nothing more than a tip if God has blessed us to the point that we could give 15%, 20% or more. Someone remarked that it just isn’t right for us to give a waiter or waitress in a restaurant 15% or 20% tip when we refuse to give even a tenth to God.

In regards to your stewardship to God through His church think about what the little boy said, “Grandpa, if we had put more into it, we would’ve gotten more out of it.

In His Love,




Thought of the Week for: October 25