From the Pastor’s Heart…

This past week, there were several days when I sat at my hospice desk thinking about the future. I don’t normally do this, but this week I did. I thought about the fact that I am in my fifth year with my current hospice company. I thought about the fact that I am no longer in “full-time” ministry, after being a full-time minister in some capacity since 1985. I also thought about the fact that I am 58 years old and have less than 10 years to go before I can retire, hopefully. No, this is not an article meant to be sad and looking at the end of life. Actually, it is just the opposite. I thought about these things with a very grateful heart. God has blessed me in many ways.

However, what I want to do is evaluate and ask God what He wants me to do from this point in my life. Unlike being 18 or 19, the things I can do in life have been limited with age (or my demographic). But God can still use me in some very special ways, if I am open to His leadership. That is what I was thinking at my desk. I want to make sure I am staying open to God’s leading in my life. As a church, we too should want to stay open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit. Maybe this is a time when you sit, pray and ask God for His guidance.

I think it is really important to consistently ask God for His direction and for His vision, both as individuals and as a corporate body. In Isaiah 30:21 the prophet says, “whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, ‘this is the way; walk in it.’” God always wants to direct us in the direction He wants and needs us to go. Whether we are living in the middle of God’s will, or whether we have strayed away from Him, God is still wanting to lead us. In Isaiah 30, the people had decided to try things their own way and seek their own direction instead of trusting God. He pretty much told them how he felt through the prophet. But still, His mercy and grace was showing as He shared with them that He would lead them, if they would listen.

I want to listen. We all should be willing to listen to the leadership of God. We need to ask God what He wants from us when it comes to our worship services, our ministries with the Welcome House, our attempts to show Christ to our neighbors or the children and young people that come on Wednesday evenings. Whatever we do, we must ask God, “what is your will for us?” He wants to lead us and guide us in doing things His way, because He knows what is best. Are we listening? Better yet, are we willing to listen? Until next week….

Peace and Blessings…  Johnny

From the Pastor’s Heart…