Max Eastman reminds us of two kinds of people that inhabit the earth. He describes them as passengers on a ferry boat. As a ferry boat pulls out for its journey some passengers climb upstairs or find a good viewing spot on deck while other passengers settle indoors and lose themselves in boredom.

Passengers on the upper deck represent those who are interested in what is happening around them. They want the view. They want to watch the sea gulls hitching a ride on the ferry or flying in front or back of the vessel. They look at the water for any sign of dolphin frolicking in the water or for schools of fish dashing around the boat. They want an awareness of where they have come from and where they are going. They want a view of the sky, the clouds or a beautiful sunrise or sunset. They are engaged in life.

Passengers inside the ferry are generally interested in getting from point A to point B. They may read a book, play with a cell phone or Ipad, sleep or just stare at other passengers. Basically they endure the ride with little interest of what is going on around them.

Jesus, our Lord, came into this world to give us abundant life not just toleration for it. Faith in Him opens our eyes to new and exciting experiences and enables us to see a world of opportunities. This journey of life with Christ is anything but boring. Abiding in Him we are not just passengers or sojourners going along for the ride. Rather, we are participants and co-laborers with Him with the ability to make a difference in the world in which we live.

In His Love


Thought of the Week for: September 20