collage of crafts made by the children

This summer, we studied the life of Daniel. Our focus verse for the week was from Isaiah 41:10, “Don’t be afraid, I am with you, says the Lord.” Our 4 stories about Daniel followed his life after he was taken captive from his home and taken to Babylonia to serve the king. He chose to obey his Jewish diet laws and trusted God to take care of him. When he refused to worship the king and stop praying to God, he was protected from the fiery furnace and the den of lions.

Later, God helped Daniel explain the mysterious writing on the wall to the king. The younger children made a book about these stories, made a paper fiery furnace, decorated a t shirt with a lion image and made a picture frame that looked like a palace in Babylon.

Illustrating writing on the wall using a uv blacklight and highlighter on white paper fixed to a white wall

Some of the science experiments Cheryl demonstrated used fire and invisible writing on the wall. Animal visits with reptiles and some of Dan’s amazing creatures helped us learn more about the ways God made each animal unique and special.

Fire and smoke science experiment collagecollage of animals: butterfly, porcupine, frog, and owl perched on lady's shoulder

2018 VBS: Lessons From Daniel
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