Worship service featuring the sermon “Signs of a True Leader” given by Interim Pastor Rev. Johnny Richards; including scriptures from James 1:2-27; and music performed by music director Risa Poniros, pianist Cheryl Walker and the choir.


When we think of someone being a leader, we may think of someone who stands back and tells others what to do. While this may be one style of leadership, this isn’t necessarily the characteristics of a leader for the church. In our message today, our pastor talks about the 8 characteristics of a true church leader found in James 1:2-27. 


Characteristics of Church Leader: 

  1. Perseveres 
  2. Seeks and trusts God 
  3. Humble 
  4. Does not cast blame 
  5. Gives God the praise and credit for all He has done 
  6. Allows God to work through them for the cause of Christ 
  7. Reads and obeys God’s word 
  8. Knows what “Be still and know that I am God” means
Signs of a True Leader