I came across something on the Internet that was fascinating to me. There’s a lady in Tazmania who has figured out how to recycle dolls. She calls her product “Tree Change Dolls”. She’ll go to a thrift store and purchase used dolls. There is one particular type of doll that attracts her and she usually tries to get those. Some are in generally good shape while others are missing hands or feet. She cleans the dolls thoroughly and removes the painted faces on the dolls. The dolls she uses are called “Bratz” dolls and they are painted with brightly colored lips and makeup. The eyes and lips are disproportionately large which offers a good space for “making under” the doll’s face. The resulting product is a lovely little doll with normal looking eyes and lips. Each is individually painted and she takes time to make each one a little different from the others. Her mother even knits tiny sweaters and other clothes for the dolls – the clothes that are available for them are a little too flashy for comfort. The finished dolls are lovely, real looking dolls fit for any little girl to enjoy.

Why did this woman’s hobby impress me so much? I have often seen these Bratz dolls in stores and thought to myself “I wouldn’t want my daughters to think they’re supposed to grow up to look like that”. But the dolls are just the right size to be held tightly in a little girl’s hand. This artist felt the same way so she figured out how to remake the dolls so that they are much more realistic. It’s like she thought, “Let’s not buy a new doll. Let’s make the old one acceptable.” This concept brings to mind the kind of change that happens when we make our commitment to Christ. He sees through all the external trappings to our true selves. He looks past the makeup, scars, dirt and deformities to see who we really are. He sees beyond the masks we wear every day. Listening to His words and being obedient changes us into something beautiful (or handsome).

In the human sense, I love the idea of teaching our children that they don’t need a lot of stuff to make themselves presentable to others. We need to be who we are, not someone else’s idea of perfect. I also appreciate that she is taking something old and making it new again. We do the same thing when we become Christians. If we have accepted Jesus in our hearts, what others see is His love for us. That’s all we need.

Submitted by Linda Wheeler

Renewed in Christ